Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities

We Share By:

  • By holding regular network meetings, events, seminars and development sessions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and solutions to common problems.
  • By publishing regular monthly E-Bulletin to highlight showcase examples of good practice and member case studies.

We Develop By:

  • Building relationships and co-operation between BME groups and organisations. This ranges from peer to peer support to the brokering of consortium and partnership bids.
  • Working with Authorities and External organisations to support BME organisations in order to enhance their development and growth.
  • Enabling BME groups to access training and development in order to increase the level of resources coming into the sector.

We Lead By:

  • Highlighting the needs of the BME community to develop greater understanding of key issues.
  • Providing voice for VCS groups and organisations.
  • Developing opportunities, influencing decision makers and supporting BME groups in order to arrive at favourable outcome.

Nottingham Equal

Nottingham Equal is an umbrella organisation that brings together the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary and community sector together, to give them a voice within the strategic structures, enabling them to influence policy and service delivery. We define BME to mean all ethnic groups such as Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Eastern Europeans.

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Latest News

  • Communities of Identity funding 2016
    Nottingham Equal has decided to make an application for the New and Emerging Communities priority. In order to prepare the application and... more

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