Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities

Background to the Nottingham Equal

Nottingham Equal is an umbrella organisation that brings together the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary and community sector together, to give them a voice within the strategic structures, enabling them to influence policy and service delivery. We define BME to mean all ethnic groups such as Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Eastern Europeans.

The current focus has been to:

  • advocate on behalf of the BME communities, with the aims of widening participation within other minority communities.
  • engage in capacity building activities to enable BME voluntary and community organizations to operate more effectively.
  • Encourage and facilitate and partnership and collaboration amongst BME voluntary and community organisations.
  • become a self-sustainable organisation, which is available to resource BME voluntary and community organisations.

Nottingham Equal aims to:

  • Ensure that Local Authority meets the needs of BME third sector
  • Provides members with a strong collective voice and a platform to engage with policymakers and key opinion formers from across the city & county.
  • Support, develop, inspire and positively promote BME third sector.
  • Make provisions to share Information at regular meetings.
  • Campaign and advocate on behalf of its members
  • Keep the community well informed about what is happening in the City and Nottinghamshire.
  • Actively involve local community organisations in decision making.
  • Promote effective opportunities, positive engagement and participation.
  • Ensure a coherent and united voices in an effort to make a real difference in shaping policies.

Nottingham Equal is considered to be one of the most effective organisations in the City and Nottinghamshire, in that:-

  • It aims to connect the role of the partnership and the governmental agenda
  • It works towards formulating an effective strategic role in representing BME groups
  • It provides an effective platform to contributing sound ‘skills based’ judgments.
  • It nurtures its members in providing leadership.

Nottingham Equal Board Members