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Mohammad Ilyas

Mohammad Ilyas

(Secertry of Nottingham Equal)


I was brought up in Nottingham. I went to Cottesmore School on Derby Road to study GSE O levels. Did my A levels from what was known as People's College.


B.Sc. (Hons.) in Aeronautical Engineering from Queen Mary College - University of London.


As an Aeronautical Engineer and later on as a Project Manager, I had a very successful career with the nationally known companies - British Aerospace, Frazer-Nash and Thorn EMI to name a few. As a Project Manager, I worked with the UK Ministry of Defence.


With the collapse of Soviet Union, I could foresee the decline of the defence industry and manoeuvred my career and diverted into the field of logistics. I developed a successful distribution network and a removal company which has now become a family business.


With the passage of time, I returned to Nottingham in 2009 to care for my mother after my father passed away in 2006.


School Governor at Riverside Primary in Nottingham - 2011 onwards

Member of FOVE (Friends of Victoria Embankment) Nottingham - 2010 onwards - An organisation of local volunteers which keeps the Victoria Embankment, on river Trent, environmentally clean and tidy.

Chair Pakistan Forum - 2010 onwards - A voluntary organisation, serving the local community in Forest Fields. The objectives of which are social and welfare activities designed to achieve community cohesion at a local level.

Member of Asian Arts Council Nottingham - 2011 onwards - An organisation involved in promoting the Asian art and culture in East Midlands.

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