Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities

Prof Cecile Wright

Prof Cecile Wright

(The Chair Person of Nottingham Equal)

  1. As a Professor of Sociology at Nottingham Trent University until recently.
  2. Currently as an independent researcher attached to the University of Nottingham.

Both of these roles have involved engagement in research relating to the BME community, employment and education of young black people in the city.  I am currently engaged by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner to investigate the relationship between the BME community and the police with a view to producing recommendations to improve relations.

With regard to the voluntary sector in Nottingham I am actively involved with two organisations.

Trustee and Board member of Positive Training and Recruitment Agency in ACDA(PATRA).PATRA offers training schemes to men and women from ethnic minority groups.

The organisation works to widen participation and representation of BME stakeholders in local decision-making processes.

I am also Chair of and BME Advocate for the Equality and Fairness Commission of Nottingham City Council. I am thus thoroughly acquainted with the issues facing the BME community in Nottingham. As an advocate for the Voluntary Sector representing the BME sector I would help to enhance partnerships across the city and present the needs and perspectives of the BME communities to enable positive change. Through my work with PATRA and Nottingham Equal I am aware of the considerable contribution being made by voluntary groups to the wellbeing of Nottingham. My other voluntary sector involvement has been as Chair of a Women’s refuge and trustee of a local mental health charity. I am thus very familiar with the issues and challenges facing the voluntary sector, as it is increasingly filling a gap for services less and less available in the statutory sector. This is within a context of greater competition for funding and resources. Should I be elected I would be committed to enhance the contribution of voluntary groups to increase community cohesion and promote aspirations of the BME community.

The voice of the BME voluntary sector should not only be heard but its contribution to the life of the city be recognised.

Over the years I have developed a network of relationships with BME groups in the city and I am well known and accessible to community leaders.

Building on the expertise and capacity of the third sector is vital to improving the welfare of Nottingham and linking this activity with One Nottingham in its 2020 plan is a role I welcome and would work with others to achieve this.

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