Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities


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Info Sheets


    We Share By:

    • By holding regular network meetings, events, seminars and development sessions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and solutions to common problems.
    • By publishing regular monthly E-Bulletin to highlight showcase examples of good practice and member case studies.

    We Develop By:

    • Building relationships and co-operation between BME groups and organisations. This ranges from peer to peer support to the brokering of consortium and partnership bids.
    • Working with Authorities and External organisations to support BME organisations in order to enhance their development and growth.
    • Enabling BME groups to access training and development in order to increase the level of resources coming into the sector.

    We Lead By:

    • Highlighting the needs of the BME community to develop greater understanding of key issues.
    • Providing voice for VCS groups and organisations.
    • Developing opportunities, influencing decision makers and supporting BME groups in order to arrive at favourable outcome.