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Councillors: Mapperley Ward

Mohammed Ibrahim

BME Organisations: Mapperley Ward


FC Cavaliers

Inspiring Greatness

Madni Trust

Mapperley Plains Church

Nottingham Jewish Housing Association Ltd


Population by Ethnic Group: Mapperley Ward

White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British 10,296
White: Irish 211
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller 5
White: Other White 1,246
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black Caribbean 755
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black African 112
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Asian 214
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Other Mixed 187
Asian/Asian British: Indian 395
Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 410
Asian/Asian British: Bangladeshi 60
Asian/Asian British: Chinese 173
Asian/Asian British: Other Asian 395
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: African 545
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Caribbean 511
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Other Black 166
Other ethnic group: Arab 56
Population total, Mapperley: 15,846

stats from census 2011.

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