Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities

Councillors: Radford and Park Ward

Merlita Bryan

Azad Choudhry

Mohammad Aslam

Steph Williams

Liaqat Ali

BME Organisations: Radford and Park Ward

African Initiative Support

African Institute


Indian Workers Association

Kemet Radio Ltd

Marcus Garvey Alzheimer's Group

Marcus Garvey Centre

Marcus Garvey Centre Day Care

Muslims Womens Organisation

PATRA Incorporating ACDA Limited

Shiefton Youth Group & Supplementary School

Sikh Community & Youth Services

West Indian Cavaliers

Young KEMET Youth Group

Population by Ethnic Group: Radford and Park Ward

White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British 11,002
White: Irish 208
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller 25
White: Other White 1,691
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black Caribbean 648
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black African 210
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Asian 346
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Other Mixed 218
Asian/Asian British: Indian 1,349
Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1,527
Asian/Asian British: Bangladeshi 96
Asian/Asian British: Chinese 853
Asian/Asian British: Other Asian 707
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: African 1,037
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Caribbean 726
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Other Black 192
Other ethnic group: Arab 368
Population total, Radford and Park: 21,414

stats from census 2011.

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