Connecting Nottingham's BME Communities

BME Organisations: Bridge Ward

African Caribbean Cancer Support

Afro Caribbean Women's Luncheon Club

Black Carers Group

British Pukhtoon Association UK

Calabash Supplementry School

Church of God Assembly

Full Gospel Revival Centre (Base)

Go Digit All

Meadows Children Centre/Sure Start

Nottingham Asian Arts Council

Nottingham BME Forum

Pilgrim Centre

Pilgrim Church

Portland Leisure Centre

Population by Ethnic Group: Bridge Ward

White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British 7,597
White: Irish 169
White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller 14
White: Other White 1,211
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black Caribbean 650
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Black African 93
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: White and Asian 220
Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Other Mixed 190
Asian/Asian British: Indian 713
Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 971
Asian/Asian British: Bangladeshi 62
Asian/Asian British: Chinese 619
Asian/Asian British: Other Asian 389
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: African 745
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Caribbean 470
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British: Other Black 137
Other ethnic group: Arab 263
Population total, Bridge: 14,669

stats from census 2011.

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